Circle Time

What You Might See and Hear at the Dentist



Today we are look at pictures of some of the tools the dentist and his helpers might use to keep your teeth healthy and happy.

Hold up Explorer picture. This is called an Explorer. The dentist uses it to count your teeth. The dentist will touch and count every tooth in your mouth. Count the teeth with me. Use the Explorer to point at each tooth on the mouth model to count the teeth.

Hold up mirror. I bet everybody knows what this is? Wait for response. That’s right, it’s a mirror. The dentist uses this and a bright light to look all around your mouth for cavity germs. Pretend to look at teeth using the mirror.

Do we want cavity germs on our teeth? Wait for response. No! If the dentist sees cavity germs he needs to get rid of them. The best way to make cavity germs go away is to? Wait for response. Brush the germs away! What do you use at home to tickle and clean your teeth? Wait for response. Toothbrushes! When you visit the dentist, he uses a special spinning toothbrush to clean the cavity germs away. Hold up spinning toothbrush picture.

It is called a spinning toothbrush because it spins. The dentist puts toothpaste on the soft rubber tip and then pushes a button make it spin around. It sounds like this. Make a buzzing sound. The dentist touches the brush on each tooth. Buzz and move hand piece from tooth to tooth.

When I come and touch your knee, make a buzzing sound like the Spinning Toothbrush. Buzz and move spinning toothbrush from child to child.

Should we swallow the toothpaste and germs to get rid of them? Wait for response. No! We don’t want to swallow the toothpaste. The dentist brings in the water squirter to rinse out the germs. Hold up water squirter picture. I call her Mrs. Squirty because she squirts water all around your teeth.

Now the dentist needs the water out of your mouth. Hold up Saliva Ejector picture. Here is a special tool called a Saliva Ejector to get rid of the water. I call him Mr. Thirsty because he is so thirsty that he sucks up all the water, germs and toothpaste out of your mouth. He goes sluuurp! Make a slurping sound with your mouth. When I come and touch your knee, make a slurping or sucking sound like Mr. Thirsty. Sluuuurp and move Saliva Ejector from child to child.

Now, it’s time to take pictures of your teeth. Who remembers what those special pictures are called? Wait for response. X-rays. That’s right! First, the dentist’s helper will put a heavy apron over your body. Hold up picture of x-ray and apron. The dentist will take a picture. Make clicking sound. The x-ray picture helps the dentist see if there are any cavities.

There is one more thing to do before you go home. You get to pick out a prize! Hand out prizes. 

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