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Visiting the Dentist—Who Will You Meet at the Dentist’s Office?



Consider these different, creative ways to tell this story.

■ Ask a few children to volunteer to dress up as the receptionist, dental assistant, hygienist.

■ Use a puppet or stuffed animal to be the storyteller.

The dentist has helpers working in the office. Today you can dress up like these workers. Let’s learn who they are!

The first person you will meet when you visit the dentist is the receptionist. Everybody say receptionist. Wait for children to repeat. He or she may have books and toys for you to play with while you are waiting your turn to see the dentist. Show picture.

It’s your turn to go in now! Here comes another dental worker. The dental assistant or hygienist will take you to sit in a really cool chair. Everybody say hygienist. Wait for children to repeat. That’s a new word, isn’t it?

The chair can move up and down. The chair might even lay down flat, like your bed at home. Show picture of hygienist and dental chair.

Last comes the dentist. Show a picture of the dentist.

Let’s say the names of the three workers you will see at the dentist’s office together:

1) Receptionist

2) Dental hygienist

3) Dentist

Give children a sticker to take home after you have completed the lesson.


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