Classroom and Child Care Curriculum

Cavity Free Kids helps you make oral health an integral part of your routines and daily interactions with children and their families. The curriculum includes lessons, play-based activities and complimentary parent resources that make it easy for you to teach children and their families about what causes tooth decay and how to prevent it. Learn More >


Home Visiting Resource

Cavity Free Kids is designed to help families establish good oral health habits and connect to dental care. The home visiting resources complement the curricula and tools you use with your families and can be incorporated into topic areas you already address with them. You can help families set and reach oral health goals and address oral health problems or emergencies when they arise. Learn More >


Family Engagement

Here you’ll find¬†activities and information about engaging with your family and children about oral health. Resources include brochures, FAQs, and PDF downloads. Learn More >


Activities for Early Learning

Discover activities for early learning and dental care across a wide range of categories include art, discovery & science, dramatic play, literacy, music, circle time, toys, and games. Learn More >