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Water for Thirst – 6 to 36 Months



Starting the Conversation
  • What types of drinks do you offer your child? When do you offer them and why?
  • What types of drinks do other people offer your child? When and why?
  • Drinks other than water—juice, soda pop, and other beverages—contain sugar and cause cavities.
  • Sipping on these drinks throughout the day (or night, if the child goes to bed with a bottle or sippy cup) is especially bad for your teeth.
  • If you’re serving your child sugary drinks, consider substituting those drinks for water.

1. How much sugar are you drinking?

If you haven’t already, do the “Guess the Sugar” activity on page 140.

Tips for engaging the child in this activity:

  • Help the child scoop the sugar into the container or let him scoop the sugar himself if he’s able.
  • Count the scoops of sugar with the child as you dump them into the container.
  • As you scoop, ask the child to guess how may scoops of sugar might fit into the container. The answer doesn’t matter!

2. Read the book “Potter the Otter” together.

  • Talk with the parent about how she could start offering water to her child instead of other drinks.
Extending the Learning

A. Sing the song “Drinking Up the Water”

(To the tune “All the Fish are Swimming in the Water)

(Insert child’s name) is drinking up the water, drinking up the water, drinking up the water.

(insert child’s name) is drinking up the water, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp,



  • What can I do to help you promote water with you child/family?
  • What barriers do you think you might face in serving water?
  • How can I help you overcome them?

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