Circle Time

Drink Like an Elephant



I wonder if anyone has an idea about “what is the biggest animal that lives on land?” Acknowledge all responses and confirm that it’s the elephant.

Show picture. Look how big his teeth are! Elephants have the largest teeth of any animal. They are called tusks. Say that with me…tusks. They also have teeth their mouths that they use for chewing food.

I wonder how this elephant takes care of his teeth. What do you think? Wait for response. If he lives in a zoo, the zookeeper brushes the elephant’s teeth with a super big toothbrush! And, the elephant drinks WATER to keep his teeth and body strong and healthy. Elephants need water, just like people. Drinking water helps our teeth stay strong and healthy.

Does anyone have an idea about how this elephant drinks water? Acknowledge the children’s creative thinking. He has a trunk that is like a straw. He uses his trunk to suck in the water and then he squirts the water into his mouth.

What does an elephant do when he is playing with his elephant friends and gets thirsty? Does he drink juice? NO. Does he drink soda pop? NO. He doesn’t like juice or soda pop—he doesn’t want cavities. He drinks water with his trunk.

Let’s see how much an elephant compared to how much you drink. Pour water into the type of cup children use at snack time. You use these cups and drink about  much. If you are very thirsty, you might drink two cups of water. Water keeps our strong like elephants!

I am going to pour the water an elephant can get into his trunk. You tell me when I have enough water. Start pouring water into the big container. If children say stop or enough, say not yet, until you have poured two gallons of water. This is how much an elephant can get into his trunk at one time. Move the small cup next to the 2 gallon container so children can compare the amounts of water.

What does an elephant do when he gets thirsty? Does he slurp soda with his trunk? NO. Does he slurp juice with his trunk? NO. When he wants something to drink, he slurps water into his trunk like a straw, and then puts it in his mouth. The elephant drinks water, just like you.

Look at all of this elephant water. Who would like a cup? Pour a cup of the “elephant’s water” for each child to drink. Give each child a straw so they can “drink like the elephant.”

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