Circle Time

What Should I Drink?



Let children know that today (or this week) you are going to be talking about water. Ask: Why is water important? Acknowledge their ideas by writing each comment on the chart.

Today we have a new song called “What Should I Drink, Dear Children?” You are going to listen for a special word in the song. When I say WATER you will stand up! Then when I say WATER again you will sit down! Stand up, sit down. That’s how it goes!

Sing song to the tune of “There’s a Hole in the Bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza.”

What should I drink, dear children, dear children, what should I drink to keep my teeth strong?

I better drink WATER (pause for them to stand up) drink WATER (pause for them to sit down) drink WATER (pause for them to stand up) I better drink WATER (pause for them to sit down) to keep my teeth strong.

This time you are going to have to concentrate because I am going to sing very quietly.

Repeat in a quiet voice.

What did the song tell us about water?

Add “Water keeps teeth strong” to your written list of why water is important.


Repeat the song going both faster and slower as children gain more and more self-control with listening for the word “water” before they stand up or sit down.

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