Circle Time

Water Flavors – Thumbs Up or Down!



We’ve been talking about water and how important it is. Who has tasted flavored water?

Today we are going to taste two different flavored waters and then count how many people like or don’t like that flavor.

Pour some lemon water into each cup for children to taste.

Everyone who likes the lemon water put your thumbs up. Have children count all the thumbs with you and write the number on your chart. Who doesn’t like the lemon water? Show me a thumb turned down. That means you don’t like it. Demonstrate. Let’s count all the thumbs down. Have the children count with you and then write the number on your chart. Point at the number and say how many children liked the lemon water and then point at the next number and say how many children didn’t like it.

Repeat with the cucumber water.


You can use other fruits and vegetables. Most children will like the water flavored with fruits such as strawberries, watermelon or oranges. Using lemon and cucumber gives you a chance to count likes and dislikes. (See “Yummy Water” Learning Center Activity on page 40.)

For younger children test one flavor per day to reduce wait time and reinforce the concepts of charting and counting.

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