Music and Movement

Tooth, Tooth, Cavity!



This game is played like “Duck, Duck, Goose.” Start the game with the children sitting in a circle, facing the center. This can be played standing up as well.

The “germ” walks around tapping lightly on the head of each “tooth” in turn, calling each a “tooth” until finally picking one to get a “cavity.” The “cavity” then rises and tries to tag the “germ”, while the “germ” tries to run all around the circle and sit where the “cavity” was sitting.

If the “germ” gets to the open seat in the circle without being caught, the “cavity” is now the new “germ” and the process begins again. If the “cavity” tags the germ, the “cavity” sits back down in the spot and the “germ” goes again.

Everyone in the circle is a nice, clean tooth, but the GERM is trying to make a hole or cavity. When the germ says CAVITY you have to chase the “germ” around the circle and catch the “germ” before he or she gets back around to the empty space.

Demonstrate the game while being the germ for the first round.

Children often need help to pick people who have not been chosen. You may use markers so children can tell who else has not been a “germ” yet.


When all children have had a turn, you can bring the last “germ” into the circle and ask, “What should we do to make sure all the teeth are clean?” Pretend to brush everyone off with the giant toothbrush including the last germ.

Extensions or Adaptations:

Use smaller groups of children when they are younger or need more support for developing self-regulation. Play in groups of 4 or more.


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