Circle Time

The Icky, Sticky Germs!



Ask the children to put on your thinking hats and think to yourself about what is a cavity? Give them a minute to think and show them you are thinking too.

After pausing for think time have the children: turn to a “neighbor” and tell your neighbor what you know about cavities. As the talk dies down, have children prepare by getting into a crouching position. Ask them to follow your movements to help tell the story.

Once upon a time there was a little baby tooth under the gum. Crouch down.

The tooth started to grow. Start standing slowly.

It grew and grew until it was straight and tall. Stand up very straight with arms straight down at sides.

The tooth learned to chew food! Jump straight up and down.

But no one brushed the straight and tall tooth. Frown and slump shoulders a little.

More and more food stuck to the tooth. Use one flat hand to “pat the sticky food” onto yourself.

Say sadly: No one washed or brushed the food away and the pieces of food created.

Say dramatically: ICKY, STICKY GERMS! Use tickling hands to “climb” around your body.

OH NO! WHAT would happen to this tooth? The germs started to EAT the tooth. Use hands to pretend to bite your body.

And tried to eat a hole in the tooth! “Eat” at one spot.

But dun, dun, da da! Here comes Super Toothbrush! Use the toothbrush to pretend brush over the children. If you have two teachers in the classroom one can use the toothbrush and the other can model standing still.

Whew! The tooth was safe! Encourage children to cheer, then sit down.

When children sit down, summarize: The germs were trying to eat a hole. Can you tell me what the hole in the tooth is called?

Acknowledge their responses. Remind children of the word cavity if they cannot recall it. Summarize by saying: Cavity germs get on our teeth when we eat food and we have to brushthem away every day.


When acting out the story again, have Super Toothbrush say “go away icky,sticky germs, no cavities today!”

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