Teeth Knowledge Web



Let children know that one of the things you will be talking about (today or this week or this month) in class is how important our teeth are and how to take care of them.

Write “Teeth” in the center of the paper and put a circle around it. Ask children one-by-one if they have something they think of when they think of teeth. Write down their responses and put the child’s name by it, circle their word or phrase and draw a line back to teeth. 

If children have trouble coming up with ideas, have another adult in the room contribute key ideas such as “baby teeth” and “cavities.”

Review the words you have webbed by pointing to each new circle and say “Damian said___”

After this activity you can:
  1. Let children know what items are in learning centers related to teeth; or,
  2. Sing one of the songs included in the additional Circle Time Lessons.

Remember to display the web you have created and return to these ideas as the class learns more and more about oral health.

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