Circle Time

Baby Teeth Chant!



Let children know you have a new chant and movement game. In “Baby Teeth, Baby Teeth” you are going to be the baby teeth. Show children how to start in a crouching position.

Say the chant one line at a time and have the children repeat the line to help them learn the words and to encourage active participation.

At the end of the chant, jump up when you get to six. Prompt children to jump up with you.

Baby Teeth, Baby Teeth (Based on Teddy Bear,Teddy Bear.)


Baby teeth, baby teeth, chew and smile

Stay strong and healthy for a long, long while

Baby teeth, baby teeth, brush and floss

Stay strong and clean every single day

Baby teeth, baby teeth, wiggle each way

Are you ready to come out today?

Count with me…

One, two, three, four, five, six!

Extensions or Adaptations:

Repeat and vary how quickly you say six to increase children’s self-regulation.

Use as a regular part of your music andmovement activities

Adjust the length of the chant for the

level of your group’s language and waiting ability.

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