Music and Movement

Fruits and Vegetables Stop and Go



This game is a variation of “Stop and Go.”

Children line up at one end of the play area and the teacher stands at the “finish” line.

Children are designated as either a fruit or a vegetable.

When I say fruits go and raise up the picture (raise the picture to illustrate). everyone who is a fruit moves forward. Listen for me to say fruit stop! Lower the picture when you say stop.

When I say vegetables go and raise the picture, everyone who is a vegetable moves forward. Listen for me to say vegetables stop! Then what do you do?

Listen for responses to be sure children understand.

Leader alternates saying fruit go and fruit stop with vegetables go and vegetables stop. Play until all children reach the finish line.


As children show more self-control, mix up the order to encourage children to listen. If children have trouble controlling their excitement, try this in smaller groups.

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