Circle Time

Healthy Foods Basket Upset



Children sit in chairs in a circle, facing in. Give each child a picture of the foods used in the game.

This is a circle game. Each of you has a picture. We are pretending we are a big bowl of healthy food. Make sure  know which picture they have before starting the game. Who has strawberries? Who has grapes?

When you hear me say strawberries, you get up and change seats with the other people who have strawberries. Practice one example.

Proceed to call out each of the foods  you have pictured. Make sure each group has at least two turns to move.

There is one more thing we do at the of this game. I will say Healthy Foods  Upset and everyone will switch. Let’s try it! Healthy Foods Basket Upset!


Children will be able to play this game faster when they have had practice. Older children may be able to play this where there is one less chair. This makes the game competitive. One child starts as “it” in the middle and calls out a food. That child tries to  an empty chair when the children move. The child left standing calls out the next food.

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