Discovery and Science

Food On Our Teeth


What happens when we don’t brush our teeth and the food stays on our teeth? Help children to remember: Cavity germs attack, we get cavities.

Let’s do an experiment and see. Hold up empty baggie. This plastic bag is like our mouth. Today we ate some—list different foods as you chop them or break them into small pieces and put them into the baggie. We drank some milk. Add some milk to baggie. We close our mouth—zip the baggies—allow some air to stay inside—and chew really well—squeeze the baggie several times to “chew” the mixture. Then we go to sleep without brushing!

What do you predict will happen to the food and drinks on our teeth? Write down all predictions on the chart paper.

We will put this away and check again in a day or two. Let the children decide where to set the bag so they can check on it, with your help.

At recheck open the bag and let the children smell the foods. Ask: How does the “mouth” smell? Wait for response.

What do you think happens to your mouth and teeth when you don’t brush?

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