Circle Time

Be A Super Tooth Hero!



Wear the cape. Put tooth protector tools in a bag. Show each tool as you talk about it. Adjust the script depending on which meal the children eat at school and when they brush their teeth.

To demonstrate flossing, choose two children who are sitting next to each other and place a piece of “food” between them. Wiggle the floss between them–down and up, popping out the piece of food.

I am the Super Tooth Hero! I am here to help you take care of your teeth. I brought my tooth protector tools with me.

I bet you can think of the tool you use every day to take care of your teeth? Help children remember: Toothbrush. That’s right, a toothbrush! It is one of my best tooth protecting tools! Mine is ____(Say a color.) What color are your toothbrushes? Wait for responses. I use something else with my toothbrush? Another special tool, it’s called toothpaste. Excuse me while I put just a little bit of toothpaste on and brush my teeth. Pretend to brush.

I have another Super Tooth Hero tool. Hold up cup. It is water! There are some times when even I, Super Tooth Hero, can’t brush my teeth. Does anyone have an idea of what I should do when I just ate something but I cannot brush my teeth? Listen to ideas and summarize with swish and swallow. Take a “gulp” and pretend to swish dramatically.

I have another tooth protecting tool. Hold up dental floss. It is dental floss! Pull out a long piece. With this strong piece of special string, I can reach into the little spaces between my teeth where my toothbrush can’t reach. Food and germs might be stuck there! Let me show you how to floss.

Name two children that are sitting close together and ask: Will you help me show everyone how the floss works? Here is some food that is stuck between Name the children again. They are sitting close together just like two teeth.

I will wiggle this floss right into that tight space, and then bring it back up, and out pops the food and germs! Even a Super Tooth Hero knows that flossing is a job for grownups. The grownups at your house can help you.

We brush after breakfast every day, who brushes before bed every night? Bedtime is the most important time to brush all the food and food germs away.

YOU can be Super Tooth Heroes, too! All you need is to have tooth protecting tools.

Help me name the tools.

1) Toothbrush

2) Toothpaste

3) Water—remember to swish with water

4) Floss—and, don’t forget to let the grownups at your home help you brush and floss your teeth.

It’s time for this Super Tooth Hero to go! Time to put away all my tooth protecting tools so that they are ready when I need them. Goodbye!


Have materials for children to make Super Tooth Hero capes in the Art Center.

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